I hate snoops but I'm always looking for new friends.
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Coool. Yeah, I went on an avatar making rampage. Thanks for being helpful. :)
I popped over from ashmedai's journal. He mentioned you and suggested a penchant for excellent memery. I'd like to add you, if that's ok.
Hi there :)

I saw you pop up in the add_me community (a comment or two, not a post) and I thought your icon was really cool - and then I thought you'd be really rather cool, too! Would you like to be friends?
Hey, I seen you from another journal. Just lookin for new friends. Can I add you? :3

- mark
Wow, you just got butthurt and I didnt even have to try. And "give a male a chance"? LOL! Bad experiences, have you?
PS You made the butthurt awards with the strangest connotation towards males Ive seen in a bit. You must've really got jaded ....
Because assholes like you really get on my nerves? you're predictable and an arrogant tool. but you probably get off hearing that. have fun entertaining your few readers with "butt hurt" awards you self absorbed bitch.